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Yurrr whazz good boss board...juss thought i'd introduce myself by postin a couple quick bars...

Check it...

To my niggaz in the street life
Loyalty a Bitch
All you fresh to death niggaz
Could get Spoiled in a Ditch

That fitted shit over
Ya niggaz is Drama Queens
We them S.B.S. souljaz that'll Bomb on ya Team

Bronx Bomber machinez
That'll Stomp on ya Spleen
The type to take ya cream
& stuff the bong w/ the weed

Yo ya niggaz betta recognize
ya facin platoon
First man to testify
meet an early doom

I'm here to rectify
I aint scared of any goon
You niggaz next die
Get ready for a tomb

Homie this my city
& I aint feeling you niggaz
Got a 4-5 rhytmn
yo I'm killing you niggaz

I'm goin out for mine like I'm crossing the border
S.B.S. Ma fucka we the New World Order

and welcome to the board  Wink

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