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(New) Kendrick Lamar - Lookout for Detox (track)
Incase you missed it, Dr. Dre co-signed this dude in a recent radio interview with big boy, he even said that he looks forward to meeting kendrick & working with him real soon (whatever that means).

Note:the interview on Big Boy’s Neighborhood is the intro to this song

So kendrick dropped this track to kinda show you why he got that co-sign. Kendrick rips it on this track, the flow is off the wall and the lyrics are even crazier! Dont sleep on this nigga he is the real deal
"If I'm not on Detox then it's not complete!"
Dude is nice. I think Crooked I should do a track with him, give Crooked I a run for his money since he always murks whoever is on a track with him.
damn i have to bump this because this kid is fucken craaazy and he is younger than me..... i mean he is hungry i am daaamn impressed with this kid i mean crook needs to work with him he is on another level thanks for putting me up on this dude props!

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