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Joell Ortiz feat. Joe Budden - Move On

Never really thought nothing of Joell untill this track, and had to go pick up some shit by him. Hope this Slaughterhouse shit pops off, 4 of the nicest dudes in rap.
Props for posting this!
Nice post. Ortiz's verse was dope.

"I'm the shit and yall aint even passing gas" - Excellent.
Yeah this shit's hot!!  Check out budden's youtube page to listen to him and Joell arguing about how the song should go.  pretty funny
joey killed it

i gotta get my own interview
since niggas that do my interviews
focus on whatevers miniscule
or paint me as a sinical
but the canvas a limit you
you cant go behond what theres no limit to
if i think hip hop is dead i think its being revived
and that comes from me being inside
where the demons get popped see em goodbye

so the beast in me crys, cuz when its all you hear
so i try to think straight cuz when you stare in the rear
rest in peace stewart shakir nigga yea
im on another label not that other label
that means its no longer my problem its theirs
some say its a conspiracy
i say if everybody on the thrown thats just more motive to kill the heir
ask me bout pump it up and imma think you sheep
or you must not know im deep
im so off of music so yall get soundscan every week
me i just got my lil man every week
jersey city loves me despite yall beliefs
cuz they was baby stepping i showed em how to leap
ask me about swag, imma change the topic
with lyrics n then brag
must look at you like a fag
i love everybody dont ask me who i beef with
they burned the bridge but they was standin underneath it
im on my grind benjamin huntin
was old since i was young
call me bejamin budden
stop using slang just for you to be cool
cuz i go back to when it was cool to be you
im a hero, no i mean im hero from heros
yall chase zeros
muh fucka i just got finished hatin me feelin like a zero
they play dinero never been there though
so before your next thought understand
theres much more to me than a man
either that or move on...
Just thought I would up this because Budden said on JBTV that Crooked & Royce have a verse to this, going to come out soon.
(12-22-2008, 06:13 PM)Joe Budden link Wrote: i just heard it....

royce and crook are super dope...

thats all
(12-22-2008, 06:13 PM)Joe Budden link Wrote: imo, joel normally has the weakest verse....

its his joint, yall know if it were mine i would leak it asap but its not, blame ortiz.. i dont even have it...

and crook is def a beast, but so is royce... i think i woke royce up with mm3, lmao

Can't wait for this, it's a sick beat!
Yeah it is gonna be hot.  The topic of the song is one they all 4 can relate to!  LMAO at Joe saying Joell's the weakest!

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