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(New) Dr. Dre - Kush (feat. Snoop Dogg & Akon) Official Music Video

Any thoughts??
Not Bad! what's even better is Snoop off that autotune bullshit.
damn I wish I was like Dr Dre! sickest beats, sickest cars and the sickest bitches you've ever seen!
Detox meets The Matrix! lmao

Cool video though, I'm diggin' it!
thats an awesome video. dre knows how to bring it. detox is here, wheres dominik?
Nice video ! Really high budget, thats for sure ...
that video is CRAZY dre def put mad money into it. i like how videos these days have some nice effects
not feelin this song,  i guess its partially my fault i have high expectations for this album.

dre and a bunch of other artists have claimed to recorded over 100 tracks for detox,  and after waiting these years,  this better be worth it.
^^ he better be having better songs that kush, been waiting 6 years now
Dope beat and it is exciting to see Dre and Snoop back together... Looking forward to the album in early 2011.

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