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Horse Shoe G.A.N.G. Track Coming Next Week!
Quote:New leak comin next week from @horseshoegang #COB
- @TheRealCrookedI

That's all... #OkBye !
Can't Wait!
yes! asked them yesterday that i needed more music from them, and they replyed saying they got something coming soon, glad its official
I fucking love Horse Shoe Gang....pause.

Their lyrics never disappoint and its all I look forward to every track !! The chemistry between them is great !!!! Hope its as good as Not Afraid and Kush or better !
^^ hope its not a remix song
^^ It could very well be that or it might be their single for their album cause as of recent they've been saying the new album coming "real soon" now we all know what real soon means with COB though lol
Definetly looking forward to it. I'm ready for another HSG album! haha
Yes! can't wait, I hope their is a second album coming because imo Gangsta MC gets looked over, I think it has tremendous replay value the production is top notch and the lyrics (goes without saying), whos taking the bet that HSG put out their second album before Crooked puts out his first?
I liked their remix of Not Afraid better than the original.
(12-11-2010, 01:04 PM)CrookedOrBiggie link Wrote:^^ hope its not a remix song

Second this. I love hearing them kill other people's tracks, but some original production would be nice this time around.

(12-14-2010, 12:53 PM)anita_job link Wrote:I liked their remix of Not Afraid better than the original.

Em's version seemed kinda like an AA anthem or something to me. Reminded me of some "inspirational" disney sports movie that is suppossed to "empower" you. LOL

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