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Vakill - Armor of God (Pre-Order| June 14, 2011)

cant see shit update as soon as a better coverleaks.

1 Intro
2 Armor of God (prod. by Jake One)
3 Beast Ballad f. Juice, Rhymefest, Nino Bless & Crooked I (prod. by Panik)
4 Sick Cinema (prod. by Panik)
5 Heavy (prod. by Panik)
6 Endless Road f. Vizion (prod. by MGI)
7 Armorgeddon (Shit On You) (prod. by Jake One)
8 I Came 4 U (prod. by Panik)
9 Wild Wild (prod. by Bluntologist)
10 The Apology (prod. by Joe Blow)
11 NWA (Nigga Wit Appetite) (prod. by Panik)
12 Lynch (prod. by Croup)
13 Mean Mug Muzik (prod. by Panik)
14 You Don’t Know (prod. by Panik)
15 Bi-Polar (prod. by Panik)
16 Proof (prod. by Jake One)
17 God Given feat. Juice and Astonish (prod. by Panik)

PROMO VIDEO oh shittt, check out the production it sounds retarded

You can predorder from their website album drops june 14.
you can bundle the album with an armor of god t-shirt or a molemen t shirt


dropping next year
Still wanna hear that beast ballad track
cant wait to hear the real Juice and Crooked on the same song
tracklist and promo video added,

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