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Foundation Magazine Interviews Slaughterhouse (03/05/09)

Quote:Slaughterhouse is back with their promised video interview with Foundation Magazine. In the two part video, Slaughterhouse discusses such topics as their favorite "diss records" of all time as well as their favorite songs of the past decade. When it comes to diss records, Joell jokes that one of his favorite attacks on wax is when his Slaughterhouse counterpart went after Jay-Z on "Pump It Up". Crooked I chimes in on a serious note and brings up Ice Cube's infamous attack on NWA called "No Vaseline". As far as top ten tracks of the past decade, many songs were brought up. Pete Rock's "T.R.O.Y." was a common bond in the discussion as well as Mobb Deep's "Shook Ones". However, it is clear that each emcee has a different taste in music because their choices were almost complete opposites. It's interesting that they all form together seamlessly on wax coming from different musical backgrounds. While the video "interviews" are more of a chilling session, it is an interesting look into the dynamics of Slaughterhouse. Head over to Foundation Magazine's website to check them out for yourself.


lol didn't really seem like an interview, wheres part 2 though? You said they talk about diss tracks or something? I can only find the vid where they're talking about top 10 singles?
Wait never mind, I was watching Part. 2 but I found Part. 1 now
(03-05-2009, 11:33 PM)alphabet link Wrote:Wait never mind, I was watching Part. 2 but I found Part. 1 now

Yeah it was hard to find, my bad I should have been more clear.

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