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Mykestro Discography
anybody know Mykestro's work? ive only heard him on horseshoe gang features and the microphone murdah track, but i wanna give him more of a listen, cuz he seems pretty sick...

can anyone point me to some of his stuff? album titles, tracks, freestyles, etc...
Fortunately u came to the right hip hop forum to ask for mykestro as myself & a few others are quite familiar with stro

Here is a lyrical gem he did with kendrick lamar called set precedent

Here is another one he did with another mc name columbo black

Mykestro's freestyle over drake's "Over"

Crooked I, One-2 & Mykestro - 3 Emcees

Mykestro held his own on the cypher 1 track off the HSG gangsta mc album

Here is a download link to his last mixtape Mykestro - Adversity & Ambiance

Mykestro's other mixtape Emotion On My Sleeve
holy crap lol i didnt think i would get such a nice response
thats an overwhelming amount of stuff haha

thanks alot man

hopefully this maybe can be bumped? so that others on here can get these links
Mykestro is actually closely affiliated with the Treacherous family, I'll make more of an effort to post his latest releases as people always seem to enjoy them.
damn ive been a fan for years im just glad people here feel the same way very poetic dude
emotion on my sleeve is my shit lol

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