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Monster Freestyle Lyrics
Monster Freestyle Lyrics

[Demetrius Capone – Intro/Hook]
Yeah, yeah…C.O.B. World Order
Firing Squad Album Coming Soon

I think I finna beast out
Yall done brought a beast out
If its gona beef then enemies finna peace out
Fuck a freestyle
Battle, Ima pull a piece out
Off the top of ya head
Your freestyle leaks out

[Kenny Siegel]
They think Im quite out of it cause Im on my monstrous shit
Walk like I got a limp plus my eye gotta twitch
And i rhyme kinda sick, i like psychotic shit
Im the truth, you bout as real as a hypothesis
I raise two arms then clap on some high fivin shit
There is no alter I (eye), Im on some cycloptic shit
Ill lay you out and let shots go in your mind like shrinks
I call them shits, my Psyc-holi-clips
Heavily armed like police in riots
I keep my eye on the prey and watch what I eat but don’t need to diet
Ima cold nigga even when the heated climates
My gun got a silencer, I call it Peace (piece) and Quiet
I sit with a grin and frown
Scribble and wrestlin my thoughts til I’m penning (pinning) them down
Niggas could never touch me, but they feeling me now
On beats I go in, yeah, Im an inner is sound??

[Demetrius Capone]
I don’t surf but I waterboard
I don’t need a drawing board to draw
That’s why its called the art of war
All aboard
This is a mission that yall should all abort
I wrecks (rex) like a tyrannosaurus
Carnivore, fuck a bitch I could buy love
Ima mile high club thug, why? Ima fly fuck
You in the same club (Yo), you a plain fuck (Yo)
Play upstairs, step your game up
Ravenous creature, it get savage when he spit
Sacrilegion Catholic priest tracks with his thesis
Thief in the night when the sky gets blacker than Jesus
I get cold cash, that’s what chilly cheese is
I bury niggas like the church do the truth
Murk you and hurt two, my curse words shoot a booth
I birth you in reverse, then I swerve through the zoo
In a two door that’s sick, bird flew (flu) the coupe

[Julius Luciano]
Ima a Loch Ness with language, monster rhyme recital
Punchlines hit you, Ima rhyming Rocky Marciano
Ima cop the finest models, but we still say fuck a bitch
Cuz my circle is edgy, kinda octagonal
You say your cliques stopping who - Us? impossible
My llama sent five to you, Rrrat-stick mata you
My spit is fly, eagle dove, chrome my spit is cockatoo
You don’t like it, you can lick a sick cock or two
Im oh so loco, aim at your Polo logo
Fo sho do the fofo blow, break up groups like Yoko Ono
I feel I am iller than this silly clan, they queer
Rapper slash poet, call me Will.I.Am. Shakespeare
Bitches blow my head, play ceiling fan
Yall can hate on it, I play Beethoven, you get it man? - Cant hear
You say that you don’t give a dam, same here
My beamer red stripe a nigga, have your top spillin man it aint fair

[Dice Dinero]
You think you live? Then Ima murder you then
You think you clean?  Put you in a ditch then dirty you there
I make you backflip, you’ll get hit by this young burner and spin
And it’ll turn you over like its turning you in
Don’t switch your style now, you get sore if you change your order homie
A monster, Leatherface gotta restraining order on me
Yeah, I gobble and swallow incompetent, COB when Im rockin it
The shit Im droppin is so hard it could shatter the continent
Shatter your confidence, believe me Im rotten, and monstrous
Recite this inside of a crib, sleeping inside of a sarcophagus
Yeah, nigga, Im ill cuz I love the booth
I shoot to kill, I also kill cuz I love to shoot
Im an original killer, no copycat
My flow is too complex to mimic, I hope you copy that
In time, my twin glocks will put you in pine
My guns ring whenever the wind blow like wind chimes – Ima Monsta!

please comment any corrections you find in this and the other lyrics
man you are a beast!
Jerm does it yet again !!

Thanks a lot bro !
haha np...check the crooked section
i did the long beach to brooklyn lyrics

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