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Whats hadnin... Im Draco Himself. I fcks w/ Crooked and COB all day....
Im what you call a up and coming entreponegro, i do a few things here and there... is my 'artist' site

I also run an independent record pool, and  have an unlimited bandwidth(Unlimited Listeners) internet station in development, anybody from This site can get ya sh*t placed for the xtra low(cant go Free just yet, ya boy gotta eat).  I Will place you on the website and social blast ya single for no charge if it gets a good rank with our dj's (Mix quality Is a factor). is where to send it, Subject 'BOSS Board member'. i got you
well Cuzz Welcome To Tha B.O.S.S. Board BTW that some good Shit U got on Ya site lil homie Sutt Sutt C.O.B. nigga!! 8)
welcome my man

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