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Hi everyone!
I'm happy to be part of this forum which looks great and has interesting stuff going on.

I'm into westcoast rap since 1992 and don't listen to anything else!  Wink

If you wanna know where I'm from, my dad is Lebanese, my mom is Danish and I'm living in Belgium!

I haven't wasted my time in Europe as I've been to some great concerts, such as Xzibit (Brussels), Snoop Dogg, Soopafly & The Game (Brussels), Outlawz (Germany), Dogg Pound & Too Short (Paris) ... but still no Crooked I in Europe!!  :Smile  Hope to see him with his crew soon!

West up!  8)
welcome dude  stay active.  and it may seem discouraging at times when theres not many people here, people come and go but we hang in there,  we are the few.. the proud.  the cobs

and man  if you ask me, i don't recommend putting yourself in a corner by just listening to westcoast rap, there are soo many good music coming out to this day from all genres. haha.
Welcome to the forum, let me know if you have any questions or suggestions!  8)
Welcome COB fam Smile

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