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Ready, Aim, Fire (Intro)
Ready, Aim, Fire (Intro) Lyrics

We ready for whatever the war brings
We Fighters (Floyd), we don’t just weather the storm
We, may weather (Mayweather) the storm, four beasts
Never before seen, whenever my sword swing
I sever my competitors form, bleed
Step on your corpse, in my living room
Your head is décor
You’re scared of the predator, poor thing
Address us as four kings or see
The mac, call it the fat lady, whenever that whore sings
I play the proctor, peasants play the pupil position
Please peep my poetical prowess, plenty prolific
Proceed to procure a piece of paper
Pencil paint a perfect picture and print with pinpoint precision
We can rap, spar
Use my words to smack yall
Wrap rap bars around my hands
Scratch gauze, crack glass jaws
Throw a punchline at you with the wingspan of Kareem Abdul
Call it jab-bar (Jabbar)
You see us and think you see four niggas
Nah you looking at C4, nigga
To record sicker than my clique
You gotta be more sicker
Firing Squad in this game, we finna restore vigor

Jerm you grindin right now fam!! SALUTE!!! I gotta +1 you..haha #COB
Hes at it again boys ! Haha

Thanks cuz!

Ps third line We, may weather(mayweather) the storm

I absolutely loveeee this word play

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