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D Capone
Every verse he does is beast. Like way above average. I always said there's no such thing as a best rapper alive. Because the best rapper alive would have Tech N9ne's flow, Crooked I's lyrics and Eminem's topics, relativeness, heart and musical content.
He has the first two. Honestly, if he did solo work, I think he could easily be named among the best alive. Dude has crazy skills and only gets better. You never hear a weak verse. And Those topics will come in time. I understand it's hard to branch out with heartfilled music when you're in a supergroup that destroys beats.
Til then, keep a look out. He's not going anywhere and deserves some recognition.
Shoutouts to the rest of Shoe GANG too.
The thing that is crazy about his verses is that he never misses a beat... I mean, you just never hear him stumble. It's pretty damn crazy.
i down wit da demetrius capone is a beast every beat he on he eat it alive
not only him but da rest horse shoe too it just da if he had to do solo career
shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit You Know what it is
Fa sure, the entire crew are monsters!
Demetrius Capone is definitely my favourite. Like his flow and the sound of his voice, plus the shit he spits is crack. Solo album would be insane. C.O.B.
#COSIGN and a half!

Finally its not only me who thinks these dudes are not human. I dont think my ears can handle A SOLO album from Capone alone. It would be way to much. Would need a weekly series or something so my brain can take a break and recover from each track.

Each and evry u gang member is pure retarded. From flow, to content, to punchlines, to evrything etc is SO ON POINT. I tweeted this earlier but Im guna say it here too, their dam alliteration is probably WAYYYYY and I mean WAYY better than my and any english teacher out there.

I honestly hate saying so and so is my favorite. They all my favorite. Same thing goes with Slaughterhouse but yeah back on point, I fucks with them all. All are so unique in their own way. Wish Crooked can go and get some more cats like these dudes from where ever he found them.

Dick riding is now over. #OKBYE

(02-07-2011, 02:28 AM)OttawaCOB link Wrote:. All are so unique in their own way. Wish Crooked can go and get some more cats like these dudes from where ever he found them.

dude 3 of them are his little brothers lol
Okay well if that means getting back into his momas stomach and grabbing more then so be it. This is what Hip Hop is missing, monsters like them.
I agree 100 % with every one of yall, capone is insane, so is every other member of hsg also
10000000% co-signed!

capone is a monster, and even that is an understatement. Capone is god like. Move over hova. If he released a single alum it would just pure lyrical genius. DO IT!

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