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Danny Boy or K. Young
Was just reading/listening to some Danny Boy and was thinking why hasn't Crooked reached out to him again.

Then the next thought was I wonder who people think is better?

K Young or Danny Boy??
I like Danny Boy more and there's no MDS tracklist yet so we might see him on the album yet

I hope so ;D
danny anyday

i dont like k young.
Yeah definetly Danny. K-Young is only good on features where he sings a hook and maybe a quick verse. Danny's voice is way better than K-Young's anyway.
haven;t really listen to danny boy as much so i'm not gonna choose.

I do wana say  I prefer only certain k-young hooks like the track with BTNH, gangsta cry and the only one i really like is smith and wesson with young berg.  but i wish he'd stop trying to make music that is genericaly the same shit with almost everything  thats out their right now.  I couldn't stand those mixtapes filled with club bangers it was just all boring and the same thing.
Definitely a great comparison. Both of them have that gospel sound. Honestly, I like them both, but I think these days I'll go with K-Young just due to his diverse sound.

Danny Boy is a legend though and that can never taken away from him, a true talent.

BTW: Added a poll if needed!
Danny Boy all day ask the homie Pac!
Oh Danny Boy of course. I probably only say that though because I have a strong DR bias. His appearances on All Eyez on Me, 7 Day Theory, and Murder was the Case speak for themselves. He seemed to work well with Crooked too- Dysfunktional Family remains one of my favorite Crooked songs to this day and he delivered an I-ain't-mad-at-cha-like performance on Me and my Dogg from Hood Star- if anyone hasn't heard the Danny Boy and only heard the leaked Rayj version do yourself a favor and download it.

K Young is no doubt very talented though, and I have been continually impress by him 
Danny boy forsure..... K-Young sounds like a bitch, n he fuck wit Yung Berg... thats not a good look for COB
Its Danny Boy, I aint Mad At Cha is one of my favorite songs of all time..of all time (in kanye west voice when he shitted on taylor swift)

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