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Circle Gang Anthem (Block Obama)
Circle Gang Anthem 1 Lyrics

This…is a world… premiere…
This…is a world… premiere…
Straight boss…
Straight boss…

[Julius Luciano]
Alright…H to the O, R, S, E – S, H to the O
E, Gang we came straight for the door
Superfly appeal, remind you of Ronald Neil
Avocado Bono meal??
Yeah, I ride low, switchin lanes
Quicker than the rhythm James Simpson in the white bronco
Yeah I gotta capture capital
Me and my Cali camp in the khaki capital
The COB is the cabbage council

[Kenny Siegel]
Yeah you see I, bell through with C-I (Crooked I)
D-I, C-E, and L-U-C-I, D-C (Demetrius Capone), A-P
As well as to me, Im
The green fiend, K-C, male dudes fiancés
See I trust no Tom dick a Sally
I even keep the tommy, when Im dickin Sally
Wanna see more cats lifting arms than in Bally’s
That’s my squad, with rod, we ride thick in Cali

[Crooked I-Hook]
When you see us, you lookin at paper
Hand cuff your hoes or the Circle gon break ya
Fresh Dodger fitted while im sittin in my scraper
Momma always told me I’d grow to be a gangsta
So if you at strip clubs, blowing a couple of stacks
Now where you at, with a slut getting something to bag
Now where from - C.O.B. - whats fuckin with that?
Nigga, throw the West up like im juggling maps

[Dice Dinero]
That ??? well never sunk, sunk in the sea
Of a six hundred with chrome, dudes fold on his feet
And my neck is gleaming, like R Kell, Ima flirt
So ladies warn you niggas, I got that thang under my shirt that’ll murk
Im free on the sixty when Im paper chasin
And twenty to life is what Im facin if I get caught, I got that Columbian education
Ima boss reppin C-O-B
From the Horseshoe G-A-N-G, Ima gangsta

[Demetrius Capone]
We poppin and we hot, rock with the C dot
O dot, B dot, pop when we see cops
My glocks Mini-Me, choppin enemies
At any proximity, so the minute we drop in this biatch
We got them heaters, we heated whenever
Then immediately fleeing the scene with three Vida Guerras
Damn, he cold with them verbals
Go get your tattoos and sell your soul to the Circle


[Crooked I]
C-O-B and me, we walk into the club we top celebrities
Move blocks and hella Gs
Them cops wont let us be
Them cocksuckers might stop you but never me
Steadily takin markets one at a time
Drop seven songs a day cause its nothing to rhyme
Underdog, like doggystyle I come from behind
Sex metaphors are cool but Im in love with my nine
Murder mayne, Circle Gang, you nerds wont murk a thing
I put pain in a person when Im lurkin with perfect aim
Perfect stranger to danger, I know not a pitfall
A gangsta, Im know im the shit yall
Big boss, only time I see death around the corner
Is when your dead body is gettin left around the corner
You better smell my persona, my cologne or my aroma
Nothing less then the best of California


comment/post any corrections you find/hear Smile
Im not sure but I think he might have said:

[Demetrius Capone]
Then immediately fleeing the scene with three Vida Guerras' <----
Damn, he cold with them verbals

Like Game he doesnt know how to pronounce her name therefore adding another syllable to it. lol

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