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Chain Gang
Chain Gang Lyrics

[Julius Luciano – Hook]
Now when I say Horseshoe, holla bang bang
If you a hater bump this too, holla the same thing
Don’t get it wrong my nigga it aint no slave thing
When you see us iced out, call us the chain gang
Yeah the chain gang up in this bitch
We see you haters
If you lames aint cuffin your chicks
Then we gon take em
Nah we aint change one little bit
You niggas know that it’s the chain gang
The chain gang, the chain gang

[Demetrius Capone]
Thou shall honor my chain, chain of command
My shit is bright, when your wife gave it a glance
It gave her a tan like she laying in the sand
Im sick, I throw up a gang (again) with my hand
Circle gang, that’s the circle of bosses
My whole circle is sharp on some circular saw shit
Lip service your bitch working her jaws with
A purpose, curtain call, means its curtains when yall get
Called out, I diss you clowns in advance
Im sick of you old spitters, youre just a sound of the past
My pistol bound to spin you round and sit you down on your ass
You niggas should get down, or  your limbs found in the trash
We treating this game like a dame and we rapin this bitch
Givin birth to bosses is the day that we came in this bitch
My earring is bling bloaw, same as the wrist
But my chain is the main event, call it chain of events

[Julius Luciano]
I got a condo with nothing but condoms in it
Same place where the rhymes was invented
Im all about rapping and broads, after I sex
Back to the bars, something like the con you go visit
Dig it, a co-signs what I don’t need from nobody
We a team Im not alone you don’t need to co-sign me
I don’t need you rappers cuz Im from the C dot O dot B
I got the heat on your ??
You can see Im on my G
R, I, N, D, never off my grizzly
My swag supersized, all you small fries envy
You see the chain on me homie, yeah it cost me plenty
If you reach for my piece, Ima off you with peace??
That’s the sound when I aim
Im murking all the lames, the lames
Chain gang don’t confuse us with Sam Cooke
My niggas chained up, yup bring the damn hook


[Kenny Siegel]
Im like the handyman I keep a tool in the waist and
Like house arrest I keep these dudes in they places
More than condom fly?? Theres no reason ima lie
Look here nigga Im as live as the news when its breaking
You niggas say you shining but you aint at all
I aint in awe, motherfuckers we came to ball
My mind always on track, cant stop my money train of thought
Got haters teary eyed take one look at my chain and bawl
(My grind) that’s my chain and ball (my wife) my dame and broad
(My time) never takin off (my ice) never take it off
Im cold and cant unthaw, uncooked meat aint as raw
Im on some F(fuck) law, but in my chain there aint a Flaw
Im married to my hustle and all this gleam is what it brings
It keeps calling, it just gave me another ring
Im able to cut your chick in cuz she love my bling
Was on my chess (chest) its just a pawn to get to jump your queen

[Dice Dinero]
Mayday, im as hot as a May day
Wrists is sunny while you pricks is bummy so day hate
Getting money so im hittin bunnies them playmates
Your baby play with my junior like a playdate
No hesistation or lolligagging
She drop to her knees and start sucking on my lolligag and
I kill em I body bag em, like my weapon pop
But its just put gats I got?? But it just give me extra guap
Listen up nigga check it im, stingy but my tech is not
My chain got all this ice around it but still my neck is hot
Get paid with Dirty Money like Diddy give me extra guap
Fuck the cops, I wouldn’t see time if I checked my watch
And when it comes to money I get it, like I figured it out
Im playin this game you niggas is sittin it out
You don’t wana ride this track with me, you needa reroute
My money dirty like its been in the south


despite kenny's mistake with unthaw, its another lyrical bomb
And what ya know jerm arrives at the scene once again

Thanks a lot, much appreciated my dude

All of them went in but I think kenny takes this one

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