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Royce Speaks On Slaughterhouse / Dr Dre Collaboration
For those who missed it...

It would be nice to catch this on a Slaughterhouse album, but hey, if it's Royce's song officially, I wouldn't blame him for throwing it on his own album.
i'll bet we will hear this song in 2012
Dope news
would love to hear slaughterhouse over a dre beat for sure. hope hes gonna save the beat for SH album.
Yeah, would rather hear it on a SH cd... but if Royce uses it for his own project, just leak it early during promo so the dick riders on the internet can jump on board and get SH some shine.
this'll be nice
This is probably the session 2 weve been talkin about. Im annoying even myself with this session 2 campaign but I want to hear this fuckin song.
Hopefully he puts it on his album because that means we'll get to hear it sooner. Smile haha
there are so many dream collabos just  runin through my head  i wanna hear a solo 10 min ortiz track over a  dre beat.  also a joey and just eminem collabo.  i been dying to hear  crooked i and 50 cent to collab  also crooked i needs to get Brotha lynch hung and eminem to do  like a bunch of horrorcore slasher story songs!!!

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