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Random videos
Hey guys, if you have any random but dope videos POST THEM lol

Could be anything...I got a few random videos but I'll put them up after  if people contribute.

I'll start off with 3 men vs 15 lions....
that was random

P.S. 1 question can my video be a porno
ahha not sure on the rules...ask a mod?
Isn't this your thread Lol don't you make the rules
well you can do whatever you want but if you get banned or anything, its not my fault
Well I Just looked at the rules and it not listed generally or specifically
lol then go right ahead...

so no one else has any random video? lol

Well here is another one....

those prairie dogs literally go flying!!
^^^that shit was funny^^^

Here's 1 not sure how dope this is but it's random 1st time I watched it I had 2 laugh

same with this 1
haha thatjulian smith guy is pretty funny.... i don't know if you seen this one but i think it's hilarious
Damn homie that funny as a muthafucka

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