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COB Interviews: Session One - "Crooked I"

Quote:It was announced a while back that Planet COB would be releasing a series of interviews with several members of the Circle of Bosses family. The series' first chapter is now available online and it was only proper to start it off with the boss himself.

The COB Interviews series is now officially underway and on session one we find P.W.T. of the Circle of Bosses crew interviewing none-other-than Crooked I. The interview covers a wide variety of topics and does not focus solely on the same subject matter that fans have heard time and time again. Furthermore, Crooked I addresses fans directly and gives several shout outs. Please check out the segment in full by visiting the included link or using the embedded video player.

If you are interested in seeing additional COB Interviews installments, please drop by Planet COB and leave a comment. In the mean time, follow Crooked I on his official Twitter account for additional updates.



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