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COB Interviews: Session One - "Crooked I"
(03-01-2011, 05:56 AM)#okbye link Wrote:[quote author=Episcop DOC Cvrle link=topic=5451.msg284446#msg284446 date=1298976419]
[quote author=PWT503 link=topic=5451.msg284413#msg284413 date=1298928034]
mutha fuckas is just never happy. lol those were questions that fans asked smh just cause your question dident get picked you complaining about it lol i guess some people just wont never be happy. smh Im done with this post ill get at yall at a latter time once the negativity starts thats my sign. To all those who did appreciate the video I got alot of shit (interviews, cyphers, behind the scenes footage) that im going to be droping all year ima be your source to the inside Circle. I appreciate the support so does the rest of the COB We do this for you. COB EZ

Dude dont be butt hurt because of some common criticism from the fans that have been following Crooked I and buying his LBC compilations + Noo Trybe soundtracks while you were running in your diapers.  You did the interview and thats cool, kudos for that, but If you cant handle any criticism then this is not the job for you. Next time  pick your words carefully, because its not in your or Crooked Is interest to call his most loyal supporters - haters. 

yeah i co-sign that!

There are Crooked I supporters in here that I know since past fucking century like Tony, Nova; Chewee, Effex, Supersoaker-Kao, Hack W, Gfunked, Dimos, even Ferhat and many more that come and visit from time to time and always come honest without dickryding, they have been following Crooked since forever.  Just check Tonys posts, you cant be a bigger fan than that, for example he is always coming with some hard truth and dudes think that he is a hater, but hes among the biggest supporters. Constructive criticism is a blessing when it comes to supporting someone. You can learn alot from your supporters.

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