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can I get some feedback?? i got a good response from Julius Luciano
Like i said earlier, that's pretty good. Nice wordplay.
thanx for the post dude
Very horse shoe gang same style resemblance... I LIKE !

Shows how great of a job the u gang has inspired us to change our rhyming techniques !
haha thanx dude and hell yea horse shoe is great inspiration!
yea its cool, iKing why cant you just get a hold of a video camera and put it up on youtube??
peace.. sick shit man (highland323), I can hear the horse shoe gang influence which is dope, keep it up homes u got mad skills. Also if you feel like it u should post this in the OFFICIAL 2011 BOSS UP thread I just started I'm tryna get that poppin I think It'll be a good look for the forum.
Absolute trash!!!


Pretty damn good lyrically, flow-wise. Also, you're pretty brave to put yourself out like that. Maybe get some instrumentals and do some song writing/freestyles over them?
very HSG like, not a bad thing mind Smile
@apostle P thanx for the feedback dude and thanx ill put my link up there

@anita_job haha shit i thought the "absolute trash" part was for real but thanx for checkin my vid out and the feedback and yea ive tried the beat thing and the bass in the songs kinda ruin sound cuz of the camera but whenever i get my program back imma get my shit recorded on a beat

@shaffaaf27 thanx for the feedback i rlly appreciate it!!

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