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Let's talk about why Horseshoe G.A.N.G. is slept on........
Ok so I think it could go without saying that most (if not all) of us that post in this forum consider and recognize HSG as one of the best groups to do it in a long time talent-wise. No shots @ Crook because he is infact my favorite rapper, but I find HSG's tracks more enjoyable to listen to repeatedly because of how complex the lyrics and flows are...its like everytime i listen im still pickin up on something new...HSG are literally the best rappers out to me (lyrically) and their song making ability is only getting better and why is their fan base so small???? It's almost saddening to not see HSG have a bigger buzz and recognition in the hip-hop community..Everytime I bump HSG I think to myself god damn are these dudes even human how do they not have a bigger following.....and their first album still gets regular play from me along with all the other loose tracks n 'freestyles' theyve released...demetrius capone might be the sickest rapper ive ever heard in my life....Iight im rambling the point...why do yall think HSG are so slept on??

Is it...

1. the average listener is dumb as hell and cant comprehend complex flows/lyrics (i understand this in a broader sense...but as as hip hop fan isnt this something ppl are supposed to look for and appreciate??)

2. their content is too generic

3. they are associated with crooked i n suffer the same unfortunate sleepage that crooked gets and has been getting his whole career

4. people stuck in a box and refusal to give any unfamiliar rappers a chance

5. no knowledge of their existence

6. their voices

7. other

i dont get it...what do yall think? opinions? different takes?

cant wait for the firing squad album....most likely will be album of the year for me

It just dat some soft fans out ther don't listen to gangsta shit like COB movment they
all on weak wack ass rapper so they sleepin on hsg i bumb COB 2 and i knoe how sick they are
but let keep supportin them
I hate 2 say it but today's hip hop is 4 teenage girls not real niggas hell i'm a white boi & I'm more of a real nigga than most black niggas on my block because I've been shot before & that experience changed what's real to me which as a consequence changed the way I listen 2 music because like most people I used 2 only play shit that had beats that sounded good but after I got shot I started listening 2 the lyrics & and most people don't, can't, or most likely won't listen 2 the words because they haven't had that life-changing experience yet
i agree w/ most of what Sprite Remix mentioned, but the bottom line is that as long as any artist or group doesn't have a major push, they'll be slept on by the mainstream... im pretty sure they have some degree of familiarity amongst hiphop-heads.  one thing i noticed is how they don't really do songs with other artists besides COB affiliates.. maybe collaborating with a wider range of rappers might help get their name out there a little more.  but yea, hopefully someday they'll get that big push they deserve.. Shady, maybe?
i have firing squad and just my opinion  but to me it is the best group effort in hip-hop history. im talkin better than tha dogg pound outcast wu tang all them. I know there my homeboys and im suppost to say that but i told them the same thing. wait to yall here this shit. yall remember  there last cd and how dope that was this is 10X that. it is a complete record with lyrical slaughters, club songs and concept records. Songs that make you think, laugh and shake your head in disbelieve. #JUstSayin
I feel they slept on as well so lets all do are part to push there shit down peoples throat. and once they get a taste they'll be hooked like we are ya digg
Like my nigga Dice told me last night' The Industry only wants to pay attention when you got the JZ feature,so you gotta give this Industry Niggas what they want.

I dont really think their that much slept on,more like next in line
I rarely hear anyone say anything bad about the Shoe Gang, I just think it's a matter of getting the word out there and making people aware of their presence. I have a feeling that Firing Squad is really going to grab a lot of people's attention. Let's make sure it gets promoted the way that it deserves!
@effex wait tell you see what i got up my sleeve
I've been saying it time and time again. They along with slaughterhouse are the best rap groups to grace this planet. Hands down. Their shit is simply ridiculous.

They are way too complex for these pussy ass "hip-hop" fans to understand. Gangsta MC will forever remain a classic in my books. To this very day its getting constant rotation in my ipod ...never gets old. NEVER. And Firing Squad, I can only imagine will be 100 times better.

You know what, its true we dont see them do many collabes...i dont think anyone can collab with them in the first place because thats setting your self up for shame as they will rip any rapper apart. I prefer they stick to they selves and continue to prove they selves. They dont need no feature from Jay or feature from Kanye ...fuck them. They can do it on their on!

Only collab i ever want to see them do is one FT slaughterhouse and eminem. That would be an absolutely EPIC 20 min track.

Solo work from each artist MAY help. Also I'd like to see them do more tracks like Dead Beat west where they go back and truly shows the chemistry within a group. Something like slaughterhouse- fight club. Anyway i fucks with these dudes from day 1 to the very end. I want to see them go big, they deserve every piece of success they can get.


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