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Funny Joke ='s Prop BOSS
So yea tell me something funny and I'll give you a prop for it. No doubt if you just post nothing at all I will prob still prop you because its a free prop kinda thing going on in this thread.
what do u get when u cross a Lebanese and a Bosnian?

A Lesbian!!! ahahahahahahahaha

now prop me
What's brown and rhymes with Snoop?


Dr. Dre  Big Grin
"Big Announcements Coming Soon"

Heard that Snoop line alot Tongue kinda lame tho haha. I'll give this a shot later too much chronic got me way too lazy sometimes.
A dyslexic man walks in to a bra...
(03-13-2009, 06:09 PM)Oh Genius link Wrote: A dyslexic man walks in to a bra...


whats the difference between a black man and a bench?....

a bench can support a family of four

....i aint racist this is just a joke Big Grin
What do women and Slinkies have in common?

Not much, but you can’t help but crack a smile when one tumbles down the stairs.
seein a rapper tryna write a rhyme is like watchin 2 handicaps tryna fuk a door knob...... :-X

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