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Are there any Writers that wanna intern for the COB?
check it im looking for somebody who has good writing skills and that is reliable  to help me with a long term non paying gig helping out the COB.
i know that don't sound like much but it will probably only require around 1 hour every 2 weeks of work.

If interested PM me Your number (or skype name if you live out the US) and i will discus what im doing and why i need your help.
I'm defff interested.  I can't PM from my phone right now, but will as soon as I get back home.
lol its not for lyrics or lack of creativity but thanks for that lol

no. im starting a sigmate on planetcob and i dont have the skills or time to write in perfect grammer
so im looking for someone else who has the skill and time to help out.
i think it will be cool for any COB fan to get the gig
LMFAOOOOOO at you idiots thinking COB needs ghost writers to write their lyrics. Thats a damn shame that yall thought quite possibly the best lyricist on the planet needed ghost writers SMFH.

And for those who still dont know, from my understanding, PWT basically needs someone who can post an article on planet cob once every week, or once every 2 weeks who can preferably write in A professional writing style with correct grammar. As per what you will be writing about? That I don't know but I know its COB related... DUHH *charlie sheen voice*

I'd defiantly be interested to help out the COB movement in any way, shape or form bitches! Tho im sure this will be greatly of interest to EFFeX...

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