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Picture Of Anger
[hook - demetrius capone]

i got something to say im stuck in my way
life made me this way so mothafuck what ya say
i be on that bullshit cuz this life is bullshit
i empty a full clip i aim it and spray
fuck the law its the whole worlds fault
i got homicidal thoughts i go off and i draw
i draw and i paint ya a picture of anger
listen as i hang my picture on your wall
i got somethin to say hey hey hey hey
see im stuck in my way way way way way

[julius luciano]

question: why did my grandma die before we could reconcile
why did my uncle die before i got my records out
why in the ghetto is niggas questionin gods existence
why is agnosticism so prevalent god forgive em
why these niggas keep on askin me if i bang a set
why they dont know that i would blow they ass to bangladesh
why these bitches keep harrassin me i aint famous yet
is my 'why' not bein heard like pronouncin the name yvette
im destined to leave my mark on these beats
what i ink in the sheets like the mark of the beast
im a monsta and im far from a leash
ima keep goin as long as my heart got a beat
hot headed with every intention to flame ya
give me a beat i turn into a painter
all i need is my pencil and paper
and ima give yall niggas a picture of anger

[demetrius capone]

fuck a plat chain fuck a bad dame
fuck my dead beat dad fuck my last name
fuck this rap game its full of auto coons
i put that on my mamas mama
yall rhymin is why im a goon
yall just rappin raps this why i fuckin write
success could add ten years to my mothers life
i been through the kind of shit that'll make niggas wanna cuss at christ
so i cant afford to let you touch me when im on the fuckin mic
my fuckin life literally depends on my pen so a nigga aint finishin
till i win aint finna quit this shit until i get in
till my similes are literally sittin in a benz
cut from a cloth they dont make no more
me against the world age old war
came in the door able to flow straight from the soul
ima go till i cant no more


[kenny siegel]

seem like my town stay cold
like the month just cant switch from december
seem like every mothafucka got a hidden agenda
seem like at times my minds too focused on dickin these tenders
seem like my trigger clickins gettin as quick as my temper
fuck yall and keep the receipt ill never take it back
seem like they aint tryna hear us until we aim a strap
seem like im stuck off in the hood what can i say im trapped
seem like the world said fuck me so i say it back
when im lookin in the mirror and im starin at my own eyes
all i see is my pupil meanin my junior only reason for me not to shoot you
so im still one of those niggas to get nothin so disgusted
i could fuckin earl yeah they call it mother earth but
ima mothafucka so im on some fuck the world

[dice dinero]

fuck the police no justice no peace
and no piece no justice no snubbed in yo sleep
might die if you close your eyes with no snub in yo reach
cuz the bustin wont cease this is fuckin long beach
none of us is strangers to pain and anguish but maintain
cuz you know that what pains us trains us
anger could make a nigga wanna empty his stainless chamber
put a mothafucka six feet when you grip heat just to change his paper
my upset mood dont expect it to change
my upset ink is depressin my page
when i press on this page im expressin the way
i feel nigga im never suppressin my rage


What a track ! Deep as fuck, thanks a lot Sprite!
why couldnt more tracks be like this?
This is just too amazing! I fuckin love every single thing about this song!

Hook is just.. SO WELL DONE.

Deep shit!

HSG >>>
one of the best songs on Firing Squad
This is starting to be one of my favorite tracks of all time
(03-28-2011, 02:22 PM)jesblaze link Wrote:This is starting to be one of my favorite tracks of all time
Word me too.. Still bump this all the time.

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