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Best Firing Squad Quotes?
Musical Murda - Kenny Seigal - "I put money on your head, thats how a change your mind"
Musical Murda - Capone - "I wish that you niggers could, listen i pray on you sticks i wish a ****** would"
Capone - Firing Squad

next im rapin her corpse, after i murdered her
necrophilia bitch, u fuckin wit a murderer

"cross fire ya front yard like im tha klu klux"

Kenny Seigal

cause i dont think u niggas know what u up against
like a 1 night stand, u dont know who u fuckin wit
kenny-dont die

i think its that time for the separation of men and mice,
itll take as long as the preparation of minute rice

his whole verse is fucking ridiculous.
i have to say,dont die is up there on my couple top tracks on this here release.
lucianos whole verse on mad niggerish is fucking be honest i think out of all members luciano overall came the most lyrical/complex throughout the album..some of his bars were very impressive (not to take anything away from the other 3, i fuck with them all)
that liquor cant fix a broke ticker
Demitrius Capone (Why Men Cheat)

"If you gotta a man that's faithful you need to thank the lord/
'cuz you turned him into a vegan when he needs steaks galore/
now they beefin' 'cuz she don't appreciate him more/
and he thinking, this ain't even what my dick was made for/"
"Listen, cheating on a women makes me appreciate her more, cause when I compare her to my affair, I can see she ain't a whore" Capone
@ sprite, ur right Luci put his A-game throughout the whole album, compared to the rest imo

but fave quotes i can remember are

"Im half man, half machine, Im Optimus and Pac in his prime
Spittin sick and optimistic, that mean I spit HIV Positive rhymes" - Capone

"niggas been actin coonish since the mayflower came to massachusetts
you only do what massa chooses" - Luciano

and all of Luci's interlude was sick

I know this flew above a couple of my friends heads haha

Capone "Why Men Cheat"

"I'm a lion(lien), cheetah(cheater), tiger like my nigga woods(tiger woods)
Capone"musical murda" listen i prey on these stiffs im wishin you niggas would

Siegel"musical murda" i'll x a mothafuckas bars out now thats what i really call crossin the line
                                    watch it like a sitcom bitch niggas yall actin
                                    tell them niggas sit calm shows over when i start clappin
                                    look niggas i aint fuckin with you im a problem fuck a issue
                                    to touch paper i grab my magazine but fuck a issue

Luciano"Click pow" Cuz Im comin after meals like dessert, but aint shit sweet or soft

Capone"Click pow" You can try robbin my ice, robbing my shine
                              My shine is robbing your sight, its robbing you blind
                              Now thats what I call an opposite crime

theres 2 many to name

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