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Why Men Cheat (Demetrius Capone's Interlude)
Why Men Cheat (Demetrius Capone Interlude)

[In the background]
Oh oh oh oh oh aye

Ladies finna be mad at me
See men were designed to have sex with a lot of women
Ima break it down for yall…

Let me explain to these ladies why we supposed to cheat
We gotta dick that’s it – Nah, Im jokin, peep
When they say its in our nature, peep it, they don’t believe it
They think that he only cheating and creeping for no good reason
They think that he only cheat cuz he only think with his lower region
But peep, Im finna decode then go in and expose the secrets
Yeah, now lets face it, the pussy is sacred
But the dick really supposed to slay shit
Listen, cheating on my woman makes me appreciate her more
Cuz when I compare it to my affair, I can see she aint a whore
Its in a breezy?? Nature to be faithful
But Dracula cant drink a V8, its in my DNA to score
If you gotta man that’s faithful then you need to thank the lord
Cuz you turnin him into a vegan when he need steaks galore
Now they beefin cause she dont appreciate him more
and he thinking, this aint what my dick was made for
Alright ladies listen, let me set you all straight
A dick can take punishment your inner walls cant
A dick was made to have sex with no off days
And it’ll always keep its large or its small shape
Now as for the pussy it’s a different ball game
Too much sex can make it stretch, you know, all day
Then when I hit ima fall in your walls, wait
It’ll be like throwing a hot dog, down a hallway
And that’s why a man can be a hoe, and yall cant
It’s a double standard, but understand it for y’all sakes
Aight wait, I don’t really wana cause way
Here’s some real talk that you women finna all hate
A man can fuck  anytime that he want
When yall cant when its that time of the month
I can impregnate as many mommies at once
When yall only give birth nine uh-uh months
That mean if we had to go and repopulate the earth
When it comes to sex, were doing all the major work
If its any consolation, this is work for me
Never mind that Im really willing to work for free
Yeah, now this the moral of the story, ladies listen good
We were designed to have more sex that women could
We cheat cause we animals, the squarest nigga would
Ima lyin (lion), cheater(cheetah) and a Tiger, like my nigga Woods

Ahhh…Don’t hate me ladies, please don’t…

Thanks jerm! I had a good fucking laugh listening to this for the first time. How one can interconnect a real message, with corniness and hard as fuck lyrics AND be funny all at once... smh its purely genius.

Ps. you missed a line i unno if you noticed, after steaks galore:
"now they beefin cause she dont appreciate him more
and he thinking, this aint what my dick was made for"

thanks once again
Best interlude ever
^ word. FUCK A SKIT n shit, this is how its supposed to be done ! Fucking hilarious

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