Poll: Who is your favorite MC in the U-Gang???
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Demitrius Capone
28 52.83%
Julius Luciano
13 24.53%
Kenny Segal
9 16.98%
Andrew Dice Dinero
3 5.66%
Total 53 vote(s) 100%
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Your Favorite Horseshoe Gang member????
who do you think is the best in the group???
I say Luciano, that motherfucker is creative, his alliteration is beastly too lol

and his multi's are serious, he can carry the same 4-5 syllable multi rhyme schemes for many lines, pretty sick.

i dont see Capone doing as many different syllables at once, but his patterns are better than Luci, alot more intricate.
not an easy pic.. but I think I'm gonna go say Luchi.

But I gotta mention that one of my fav verses on the new album is Dice's verse on Picture Of Anger.
Dice got them punchlines and a sick flow

Kenny got a ridiculous word play

Luciano has the got one the most unique rhyming styles

Capone spits nasty, he commands tracks... sooo versatile

They all unique in their own way and they are all one hell of a fucking group! Just like Slaughterhouse, I have no favorite, I fucks with them ALL
I've been a huge Capone fan from the start. They're all amazing but Capone gets my vote. Luchi and Kenny are very underrated as well.
its like picking who your favourite child is. Impossible to tell. (well bar dice, no offence but he is crap (compared to the other 3))
Demitrius Capone is the hook singer right?
I have to go with him.
even though they're unique in their own ways and i feel that makes 'em equals because they all bring something new to the round table to round out the U-G.A.N.G.

but for the sake of the poll I have to go with Dinero 'cuz his deeper voice distinguishes him from the others. To tell the others apart you have to study their styles
For punchlines I'd go wit Sigel but all around after hearing Luchi on the intro to Opening Round Imma have to go wit Luchi. to me hes stepped it up the most since Gangsta MC
Capone has tha voice and punchlines

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