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Horse Shoe Gang's "Gangster Emcee" Album
Crooked I has announced that the Horse Shoe Gang will be dropping their debut album "Gangster Emcee" in 2009. Should be interesting, is anyone else looking forward to this?
been waitin to hear from this group
These dudes are over looked, all of them are sick, can't wait for this shit
Those dudes blacked out on their Hip Hop Weekly track, ever since then I officially been a fan.
yea been waiting for them to drop something. the few songs ive heard with them were fuckin dope
yeah I think that album will be very good, they are very good rappers. It's time to support Circle Of bosses ! by the way, is Adolf still a part of On One Squad ?
Man, I'm lookin' forward to that shit hardcore, after B.O.S.S. These cats didn't get any buzz at all even though lyrically they can dominate most of the game even now and still improving. Heard alot of people saying they were just decent but I think they deserve mad props. After I heard 'em on boy looka here, Track 10 and 16 on Block Obama 2, and a bunch of their random features on the older mixtapes been waitin' on the album.
Horse Shoe Gang  mention "Gangster Emcee" project  in a
shout-out to Dynasty Online Community.

I shot the video in May of 2008 at the filming of The Round Table show
featuring guess  Crooked I

The project has been in the works for sometime now, Cant wait to hear it.

You know what's funny about the whole name "Gangster Emcee" is that when Crook first started calling himself a "gangster emcee" I started naming all my Crooked I mix CDs "Gangster Emcee Vol 1, 2, 3" etc. Then Crooked announced that HSG was dropping a mixtape with the same name which is now the album. I guess great minds think alike, it's just a good name for an album.  8)

BTW: Thanks for the video!
When I heard Crooked I - Go Hard and heard
"Gangster Emcee" Album I thought to my self
"I've heard that before" didn't recall when or where
since my memory has been getting worse each day
but today It Hit Me "My Own Video of The Horse Shoe Gang"


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