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Horse Shoe Gang's "Gangster Emcee" Album
I'm definitely lookin forward to this album. Some of the beats they choose are ridiculous & they can spit hard.
The album is LONG overdue, but then again so is Crook's, LOL!
I like these cats, they are heavy spttas, would love to hear that album come out
yea official spitters
I wonder why they haven't done more in the past, it seems like they usually wait for Crooked's lead. In my opinion they shouldn't wait for him, they should just drop mixtapes or solo tracks. Anything just to get their name out there. If they put music out people will listen, very few dudes are spitting like them.
like EFFeX said Drop more tracks!!!
get your name out, HSG has the support
and or the curiosity from all Crooked's fans.
It will not hurt, only gain momentum.
Not really news, but Mickey had posted on his Twitter that the album IS dropping this year, but before then we should be hearing them on a lot of different projects. Hope it works out!
Ya, they are good emcees and all, but I haven't really heard any tracks from them recently. Like you said, couple months before album release I'm sure they'll start droppin' tracks.
Yeah that's the thing they don't drop often enough...They drop a hot track that gets you into their music then wait another year to drop another...the only two that have came out that I am aware of since hhw started is week 11 and you should be from cob on BOII
 Defective Crooked I Robot
I need Crooked to drop first before they do.

It would be comedy if drop first.

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