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New West (Horseshoe Weekly)
[hook - demetrius capone]

im on my new west shit new west flow
im dippin with my new west bitch my new west ho
see you guessed it im too west coast my niggas
is the new west clique the new death row

[demetrius capone]

you cravin the new west im the new wes craven
pissin on the old west grave and im tec wavin
my language'll cave in ya chest plate its neck breakin
my language'll strangle ya neck yep its breath takin
im kickin over these buildins then rebuild em new
west tonight i serve 3 million mc's then i proceed to eat
children west illin also means we still in the buildin
i turn ya cavalry into casualties hot spit burn ya calories
6:30 style that mean hands down i spit worse than
cursin in church verbiates give birth to agony the
only person worthy to challenge me is my split personality
i should kick a sick verse and battle me and beat myself
like im dick jerkin like when my kids squirt ya bitch after
lip service that'll be the shit ya bitch slurp with angelina
lips then she kiss you now you slurpin my family and shit
thats how i give birth to how a nigga spit it gets worse
you get murked and i dont give a shit ay i gotta sabre
blade to shave ya face with shapeshift ya facial matrix
like a facelift face it you suffer from dehydration you cant
spit the old west spittin that same shit

[kenny siegel]

some of yall just be ramblin what ya scribble scrabblin
is babblin you tried to hide that shit off in ya patterins
a few of yall is soft and far from grimey some is too
punch liney others too some timey couple only wanna
get to tappin they feet and lean and snap on a beat
cant even snap on a beat my pen'll scratch on a sheet
and leave them cats under sheets i dream up raps like
a fiend i think of crack in my sleep some dudes think
they bars so cold they flow sneezin lines alright but
got a flow with no seasonin i mean no flavor some of
yall old seasoned tryna stay on the scene but ya flows
weak and ?need to alone leave it? give up the throne
leave it if you blockin the air how can the game go on
breathin livin what ya hearins real talk real spit i'll drop
a jewel in ya ear like i pierced it some dudes in this
industrys images is too gimmicky some get they image
through mimicry pac and jays mini-mes need to be
locked up for theft of identity even whip up they similes
with a similar remedy to whom they pretend to be
then theres me kenny sieg different breed im from a
?? with pen and sheets and king hes mentally a rap deity
im far from you too far to view thats why no cats seein me

[julius luciano]

i aint gotta slang caine my spits dope my slangs caine
colloquial crack same thang im the epitome of invincibility
i invent sublimity i jump over you in this game like i got
vince ability yo this twisted industrys implicit wishes
tempt mc's to pen simplicity this shit it sickens me
i pen the remedy explicit similes dipped in intricacy
i blend it find a rhythmic chemistry the freeways what
i call the rap game the left supposed to move fast too
many cloggin that lane when i say left i mean west
yo its like when all the cash came the west switched
and all these cats changed its on us and the 'u' to become
the speaker the student become the teacher the pupil
become the leader my crew exudin the truth in the booth
i become a preacher consumers spewin my view to you
who view from the ?? the future will come im eager to
give the rap biz some flavor we give you the biz we
rap biz purveyors the industrys a bitch held captive
by haters i'll save her this the only time this captains
a savior fact is im greater i like antonio veragosa but
id rather have pac div for mayor i campaign for west
niggas with a new voice i aint a jerk i aint gon reject
the new boyz


i did these mad quick...and im kinda fucked up....couldnt get a few parts..enjoy..luci snapped
thank you

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