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Boy Looka Here Lyrics
Boy Looka Here Weekly Lyrics

[Demetrius Capone]
This cat’s a rap thriller packin a mac zilla
Matter of fact Im strapped like I jacked the strap dealer
Clacking the ratchets to stop static like antennas
Imagine Bin Laden slash Hitler, Im that nigga
Im that killer-killer Atilla the cap peeler
I rip, jack Dracula and Jack Ripper
With a splash of Cashis, my jabs like zap hit ya
That mixture makes Mr. Bodybag Zipper
Ima copycat killer, Ima copy Ghadafi in a hockey mask
You rocking a body cast, Ima kamikaze crash
Send you Mazaradi, paparazzi snap pictures
Of Mr. Cocky Rap Spitter
I give a fuck, I get at strippers
That’ll lick the dick, and act as if I forgot to tip her
In fact I sniff her, this the Dodger hat, do you copy that
Gimme the hottest track, and I’ll be back sicker

[Kenny Siegel]
I ruin anatomy, your crew aint as bad as me
Im chewing you and your family for spewing insanity
I speak fluent profanity, you cant sense here the flow
Serious raps, since here’s flow
This vandalist bananas when rambling lines
From scandalous my bafflin graphics sublime
Patterns and cadence and bomb
Savage and hazardous rhymes
Factual faggots its done
Packing the ratchet in my
Jacket, Im standing with iron
This ravenous rapper spits smatter and out of his mind
Schizophrenic  and batterin savages, Im
Not Mr. Nice Guy, stick em up
Im Mr. Like I Give A Fuck, I tie niggas up
Have a fella’s descendent infant relative missing
And mail him a limb, if he failing to send chips
Metal in britches for metaling nitwits
Pedalin henchmen hats so im smelling my brim sick

[Dice Dinero]
I pull them thangs out, bullets they rang out
Rrrrat, rip out your frame
Tearing you flesh and veins out
We cause a rain drought
COB, know what Im talking bout
A regular side baller will get you stomped the fuck out
My flow is foolish, better yet bananas, bonkers
Or whatever you can think of in your mind that would haunt ya
Im cold with the verbals, my flow clogs your mind like some purple
So don’t try to penetrate my circle
We hard as titanium
COB is a religion so we go kamikaze just like we was Iranians
Ima tell you what it do, I roll with screws loose
Spit a verse sicker than mildew in your Bluetooth
I never let off on the shots
Shoot first and never ask questions when Im on the block
That’s how up Gs rock, I put eight in your Bathing Ape sweater
Then go ape on niggas who think they tougher than leather

[Julius Luciano]
I cover my face with a Jason
Mask, your face is adjacent to an HK
Please to make your acquaintance
You can try taking evasive
Action, no way to escape
Im packing like im takin vacation
My head gone, you could say I misplaced it
With hand-eye coordination
Whole choppers, straighter than braces
This is crazy narration, no paraphrasing
Or way im changing the way I convey it
Im making a statement, my mental’s intuitive
My bitches in stewardess, fly
Who is this – Im, the sick twisted lunatic guy
I do this shit, only few can do it
In the booth I spew it, spit it, puke it, its putrid sewage
I ruger your medulla, shoot through your uvula
Youre losing fluids, soon to view Lucifer
My crew is goonish, Julius Luci’s Cube influence
Huey new into superhuman
Im you with a few improvements

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