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Spit Fest
Spit Fest Lyrics

[Julius Luciano]
My Mac double one blasting with power, gun stashed in my trousers
Give me half of an hour and it’ll be a blood bath in the shower
I devour the weak
You say you can beat me, you’re lying out of your teeth
I shouldn’t allow you to speak
Im untouchable, outta your reach
You say you down with the streets
I drop you, now you really down with the streets now
Red dot your dome, your dead when I squeeze- BLAOW
Hat flying over the top of your head like a freestyle
Lets switch the topic, you aint hot so just stop it
You’ll get hit with the biggest rocket, and I dont mean Yao
I’ll battle any rapper you name, I’m slaughtering
Take your shine like Im snatchin your chain, Im sharper than
Dracula fangs, this cat is insane
Faggots get maimed, jackin a blade
Plasma will stain (your fitted)
Stagger in pain, clap at your frame
With accurate aim, splat at your brain
Fact that your played (its finished)

[Dice Dinero]
I step in the place, with a Mac Milli stuck to my waist
But if I was broke, it would be stuck in somebody’s face
But whatever the case, this raw dog is always out to get ya
Whether its goon or this nine that’ll split ya
Or this chromed up gun double barrel that’ll hit ya
Or my titanium double sharp blade that’ll slit ya
Thrown at mach speed, and in the Western Conference
Nigga, Im the top seed and cant nobody stop me
Come meet the Art of War
Nigga what you waiting for
I double bogey your score on the par four
Im ten times worse than the definition of hardcore
So no wonder you don’t wana tangle with this warlord
Cuz I got a four-four, and I’ll send four-four
Bullets in your car door, and after that send four more
Cuz I rep Dynasty bitch
And the Horseshoe GANG is always known to put holes in a snitch

[Kenny Siegel]
I let bullets from a gun hit you, become one with you
You’ll be seven-foot five into six feet when Im done with you
Nigga stand to keep still, cause this bandit keep steel
When I shoot I wont miss you, but your family will
They’ll be Mourning like Alonzo
Or the first period of the day you’ll be a John Doe
Don’t get your throat slit back up
When I drive in you wont get back up
You want but you wont get back up
You want to then go get back up
Cuz this four-fifth packa
I’ll be happy  to unload clips at ya
Whole clique splat up
Im so sick, act up
And the D Eagle will leave you deceased
Im not against increasing the peace
But my pants keep a crease in the piece
Raid your place, break your face
Give you liposuction, I mean take your weight
Ima boss, I must fire, I’ll wet you’re entire attire
Nobody building but I lift up iron

[Demetrius Capone]
Im a mass murderer slash burglar assassin
Mashing in a murderous fashion
Verbally dispersing the thrashing
Its curtained, the hurtings will worsen
I break jaws, when we face off
I’ll take off and knock your face off
So fuck increasing the peace
Im unleashing the beast
With enough heat in the streets
To police the police, my speech is diseased
The psycho with ice frozen
I recite flows that go over your head just like Trojans
I got a little friend for you to meet like Pacino
And I Rob DeNiro with the heat at Casinos
Squeezing and reload, lethal as Neo
Leaving you D.O.A
We don't play when me and the team roll deep
(D!) will knockin your door, creepin with heat low
Blow your cerebral into pieces
When you peep through the peek hole
Rob cats for they cheese and the kilos
Ballers take shots that equal at least four like three in a free throw

correct where needed
[Julius Luciano]
"My Mac double one blasting with power"
"I devour the weak"
"I red dot your dome, your dead when I squeeze"
"You'll get hit with the biggest rocket, and man I don't mean Yao"

[Dice Deniro]
"And in this Western Conference nigga I'm the top seed"
"I double bogey your score on a par four"

[Kenny Siegel]
"And the D Eagle will leave you deceased"
"We'll raid your place"
"I'm a boss, I must fire"
"Nobody building but I lift up iron"

[Demetrius Capone]
"I got a little friend for you to meet like Pacino"
"And I Rob DeNiro with the heat at Casinos"
"Leaving you D.O.A"
"we don't play when me and the team roll deep"
thanks man
no problem

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