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Album dropping next month.
The Effect - (Title TBA) - S.O.U.L Entertainment LLC

Help me promote the single if you like it... Re post to facebook etc.
You're one of the better musicians on this board. I like the track. Are you selling the album or is it free?
^album is gonna be a project we push and are selling.

we are working on 2 other mixtapes that we are releasing for free though so both.. Mixtapes are our other group which is the same as this group minus one member... the material is more like this type ish

The first song is more my type of music. How much you gonna sell the album for?
And who has the first verse in "It's All Me"? He's the best out of the group based on that song.
Hinsaru. it'll probably be like 6.99....
help spread the word if you digs.

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