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Advice "I'm Eating" Video Shoot (BTS Photo)
Advice recently filmed the music video to his song "I'm Eating". He posted up a behind the scenes photo from the shoot that I thought people would be interested in seeing -

[Image: mfuyx.jpg]
crooked needs to calm down wit that loud ass pink shirt. lmao,  but seriously tho
Those COB tee's. They fucking keep teasing us like that smh.
i need those tees!
we're not getting any of those tees in that photo, except for the pink one crooked is wearing
Here are a couple photos from Ad-vice Feat. Bliss I'm Eating video shoot at my brothers crib on Sunday May 1, 2011.  Shout out to our C.O.B's The Horseshoe Gang-Sauce Da Boss and Crooked I for showing some love and supporting Ad-vice on his video shoot. We had a nice BBQ going down that day for the theme.
i bet that range rovers probably crookeds. and them 2 black bitches on pic 2 are ugly as fuck man.
No homo...i think Crooked's shirt is pretty fresh with the hat and the watch. Haha

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