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Luciano's Verses in the Radio Cypher

Im larger than the rest, im the letter that start sentences
My hearts dark, ima arsonist with arsenic spit
Articulate smart nigga with sharp ray guns
Spark like they bark pit, ima shark carnivorous
Youre not prepared, circle the block the glock hit ya with rounds
I don’t box with squares
Sparkin the heaters aint hard to believe I  
Aint far from a genius, been smart since a fetus
Its hard to defeat us, you love the streets
I’ll put your heart where your feet is
Blood leak on Adidas, we feast on MCs
Your carcass’ll feed us
Call me king, like Kong, Im Ghangis Khan
My raps deep, read my rhymes like im reading Psalms
Ima linguist, speeches reach through Greece to
Egypt in Middle Eastern region, when I speak
Im bringing harm, you better keep your calm
The glock stay smoking
The M-16 is Cheech and the Desert Eagle’s Chong
My eyes on the future, nothing I cant see
Brain deep like Pablo Neruda
So deep you couldn’t find it if you dived low in the Bermuda
Triangle, you couldn’t find it with Cuba
Gooding Jr., and man Nirvana, that’s how deep my mind is
Keep my mind on like Cuba??
Show me the money, yeah my mind’s on that coota??
Oh I mean cheese, Ima guap foldin ruler
Fine hoe recruiter, when I say I son niggas
I mean literally, your mom knows I screwed her
Who the best, you could
Take a shot in the dark like a blind folded shooter
The answer is Luci I got the heart of a pharaoh
Let William tell you Im sharp as an arrow
Talk to the barrel, nigga off with your face
You bound to get wet like you’re walking the plank

Yo Im Tookie with the bars, Ima rappin Stanley Williams
Axe concealin, mafia, act Sicilian
Got a brilliant plan to capture rappers children
Stash em in the back of abandoned building
Have the camera filming, have em kneelin
Gag em till they gaspin for they last breath
I don’t really wanna have to kill them
But your family will be plasma spilled
If you don’t hand over a half million
Cash, unmarked so cops can track the bills
Ima savage when I walk, traffics yieldin
Freshness vividly projected
Even defective vision see my freshness
No corrective lenses needed yes in-deed
Even the deaf can hear me speaking check it
MCs, yes your finna meet perfection…
Perfection, yes I did repeat perfection
Whatever you send, bet its finna be deflected
Efforts sensory perception
Detect whatever enemy is present
My tech’ll wet your infantry in seconds
I got a nickel plated Smith N Wesson
If you look directly into it, see your pathetic imagery reflection
Im nuts right, bring a knife to the gun fight
Before you squeeze, I swing and slice thru your lung pipe
I come tight
Listen a vasectomy couldn’t stop me from bringing life when I bust aight
got a link to the actual cypher?
(05-07-2011, 02:49 PM)shaffaaf27 link Wrote:got a link to the actual cypher?

oh sorry, its in the original post...all of Siegel/Capones/Dineros verses are recycled (hiphop weeklys) except for like the one that Kenny had on the spot...actually even Luci's are recycled from his myspace freestyles but nonetheless there they are.

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