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Frank Ocean
Anybody here a fan? If not, I HIGHLY reccomend you checkout his Nostalgia/Ultra mixtape. Incredible music.
I'm VERY glad someone else sees this dude's talent. ;D...  That "Novacane" song is absolutely CrAzY!!!  Joey B's SO right.  I hadn't heard anything from his group somehow (don't listen to "pop" stations on the radio), but this guy???  Whoa.  Perfect mix of old/new style...  Difficult to pin him down.
Agreed, the whole Odd Future for that matter, needs to be more in the masses. Although some members maybe a little too "odd", they are definitely what hip hop needs right now
No hating but I dont fucks with Odd Future. I only listen to Frank Ocean. I like him, he is abstract and a good singer. I been vibing to Swim Good for a while now. I don't really litsen to R&B but I like this dude.
Out of all the members of Odd Future, i fuck with Frank Ocean the most. I dig his style of r&b.
I heard Nas is doing a song with him.
tyler and frank are prolly the only 2 i can listen to
I'm glad i'm not the only fan. His mixtape is incredible music to just vibe out and reminisce.
yeah tyler and frank are the best from of, but earl got some nice tracks too.
What is everyone's favorite song off his mixtape? I'm just interested to see what people think. I can't choose one but Swim Good, Strawberry Swing, American Wedding, and Novacane are all amazing songs.

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