Poll: Apostle P vs iKing (Who won first battle)
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Apostle P
4 44.44%
3 33.33%
Not Sure Yet
2 22.22%
Both Wack
0 0%
Total 9 vote(s) 100%
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apostle vs iking
good effort from both of them,,, dont kno whose got it yet , like i said in another post, would give it to apostle on flow but response from iking with no beat live on cam, defintatly stronger harder lyrics i really not sure...?
can we get a vote up with3  options 1 for apostle , 2 for iking, 3 for cant  yet decide! please

well its always abit eaiser to reply i say
My vote goes to iKING lol But like Aaron said, it's a bit easier to respond. Then again, he got a great first impression and got a lot of people on his side.
But wait for round two before you really judge. He'll come back better with his response. But don't think I won't either. I'm hoping my next response will be on a song. If not, I'll give you a better quality video.

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