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fuck you iqueen lol

In a race to get the belt you in the dust I’ll see you at the end man been an emcee all my life you just a weirdo with a webcam thats hella corny I’d take some time to say how much better my patterns are than yours but you already said it for me and it’s more than that I’m bringing the pain like torture racks live version since when do cats get points for not knowing how to record they rap my minds hurtin from tryna figure this out hows he nice all he did was take my lines and switch em around and ya right that corn bread shit was soft but word your liver your metaphor was something like I murder fertalizer were ya high cuz somehow even tho this little fags a bird I’m flyer bout to do ya native style and scalp ya son circumsize ya word to my god I got a story to tell bout this cat who spit a hundred bars and still was boring as hell when I aim the thing I hit em god I’m sick as children trained to kill civilians now ya’ll tryna say I'ma lose to a cat named dylan wilson I got a history of infamy in this industry lyrically killing these shit emcees I’m the illest this kid be little league feel me I’m the epitome of spitting these symphonies just invision the imagery filling my written soliloqueys tounge be sharp just like a sword inflicting injuries instantly and I kill em eventually never let my enemies finish me when the hennessy enters me It’s art this mental caligraphy par you obselete the best part of your diss was fuck Apostle P I'm a G as y’all can see from the dot shout out to saukrates lifted till I fall like an autumn leaf sayin that you wanna join with the slaughter please when I’m done eating from rap you can make sure my dishes are clear and this kid is a queer so he’s always getting dissed by his peers dawg chill you been tryna get equiptment for years on the real learn how to save a buck or two and you wonder why the horse shoe gang don’t fuck with you cuz they like me sucker proof and the ugly truth is I run the booth hood rat biggest fag on the site is the only one who respects him had a map with his house on it took it down when I said I was coming to get him blessed him with an indirect and he tryna say he baited me never ever could you bait me into anything I’m blatantly better and I don’t wanna hear nothing bout you had no drums to rap round even on camera coulda played a beat to run in the backround I’ll punish this whack clown he think he deadly but tell me how I called him a fag and in return he said he respects me now he’s talking about collaborations fuck yourself like masterbation sayin your shit was almost alrights exaggerating man I ain’t gon give you shit until you come off right punch you through a pizza shop window like sean price I’m an ignorant inconsiderate beligerant lyricist you a little dick bitch who ain’t a sliver sick as you wish you was listen it’s just ridiculous thinking you can beat the syndacate intricate rhymes designed to injure his minature mind my shit sublime and I bet his dinner was swine I wrote my shit and rapture ain’t arive I think it’s a sign meaning till the end of time my spirits divine been on the grind making hot songs while dylan sucks dick for busfare then walks home my city loves me you be desperate for cosigns you said yourself it took days to remember your own rhymes in the jails the kids like you get bent and deaded for phone time the peak of his career is when I mentioned this clone fine alright I’m done with iQueen my teams all mastered this rhyming art it’s time to drop a classic
WHOA WHOA WHOA! what,god damn ya went in fuckin neat on this one son,im glad im still up.

anyone in chat?
lol thanks man
This is dope man. This is better than the majority of the hip-hop that comes out these days. Sorry iKing but i'm gonna have to give this one to Apostle P.
this shit is dope man... not only you shitted all over IQueen, but you also prove your lyrical skill once again. I applaud you my good sir.
clowned that hootrat cat too,thx for that one too.
Damn!! You took a mean ass dump on iking. I mean REAL mean. Like you had a spicy burrito with pepper jack cheese right before you went in the booth type of mean. 1+ apostle, the diss was very well executed. Sorry iking im just being honest.
peace.. lol mad respect.. check my actual music out aswell, here's the most recent it's a remix to a big krit / chamillionaire track time machine COB I'll be droppin em often..
Like I already said this is over. Trust me it aint hard making tracks. And besides, apostle p done shited on him for the second time now.

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