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Brandon Lamar.....the self proclaimed best rapper alive LOL!
Ok my 13 year old cousin told me about this new rapper named brandon lamar (completely unrelated to kendrick lamar) and how he is the related to nicki minaj by blood. He also mentions how he is supposely signed to young money talking about how hes the best rapper on the label. Since hes signed to young money i assumed right out the gate this dude is probably not that good but my cousin was like "You gotta listen to him hes a beast!" So i told him i'll listen to him. He directs me to his youtube channel and i've watched 3 videos of him and i gotta say.............this dude is the epitome of a mediocre rapper. This dude claims hes the best rapper alive and he seems to really believe that.
Considering all these things:
-hes got a weak ass catalog (which mostly consist of freestyle tracks over other ppls beats)
- lack of original music
- lack of originality (lyrically & musicially)
- lack of creativity (lyrically & musicially)
- lack of amazing bars
- lack of a mic presence
- lack of a any real buzz
- lack of a solid following
- lack of any retail sale

Dude is just too damn cocky for no fucking reason. What really gets me more than his cocky attitude is how hysterically CORNY he is. He is the literal definition of a cornball. Oh did i mention he is a R&B singer/rapper?? he definitely sings better than he raps. Even worse, 1. He sounds just like lil wayne when he raps, rhymes like him and laughs just like him 2. HE claims that hes signed to young money but no one from young money or cash money has confirmed it. There's hardly any evidence that hes even signed to any major label whatsoever 3. For a rapper with this type of confidence he sure dont take criticism well. I commented on 1 of his videos and said that hes ok, nothing special at all. Next thing you know he not only deleted my comment but he blocked me from his channel  Big Grin Im like WOW, REALLY? but he deletes pretty much any comment thats negative about him or doesnt big him up, and he leaves all the comments that are positive to make it look like ppl are on his dick like that and that no one has anything bad to say about him. He might be delusional, forreal.

Anyhow watch these videos of brandon lamar for yourself to not only see just how hilariously corny this dude is but to form your own opinion on brandon. You already know mine, whats yours?
What????????? Real gangsters dont wear american eagle!!!! This is too funny, videos should be on americas most wack videos.
(05-30-2011, 06:55 PM)westlandcapo186 link Wrote:What????????? Real gangsters dont wear american eagle!!!! This is too funny, videos should be on americas most wack videos.

lol yep. FYI if u seen 1 brandon lamar music video, u pretty much seen them all.
(05-30-2011, 06:55 PM)westlandcapo186 link Wrote:Real gangsters dont wear american eagle!!!!

best quote ever
no no see dude is a standup comedian and he is just doing his great impression of lil wayne.... i have to admit he does do a great impression of him if i close my eyes he does sound exactly like him smh that was funny
I admit that i find this nigga to be appallingly entertaining to watch sometimes (especially when i want to watch something for laughs) cause as sub-par as this nigga maybe in reality, brandon literally believes hes THE ONE like neo.

Try to watch THESE videos and honestly tell me with a straight face that he dont got one of the worst camera-presence you've ever saw in a rap video (high or low budget). The shit is almost like a parody

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