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Iceman feat. Applez - "Town Business" (Music Video)

Quote:A couple weeks back, Iceman released his brand new mixtape Beyond The Boards and it has received an incredible response from the fans. Iceman is continuing to promote the project as he has released a brand new music video to the Internet.

Iceman's brand new music video Town Business, which features an appearance by Applez, is literally an overdose on bars. Both Iceman and Applez exchange deadly lines over this sample heavy instrumental in true Hip Hop fashion. If you are new to Iceman's music, this video is the perfect introduction to his abilities on the microphone. We ask everyone to show support by checking out the video using our embedded video player.

If you are interested in downloading Iceman's new mixtape, we have included a bonus link below. In the mean time, please follow both Iceman and Applez on their official Twitter accounts for more information.

Sick! Some of the sickest rhymes i've ever heard Iceman spit and Applez was ill.
It's interesting because, while this song is hot, it was one that I wasn't giving as much attention to on the mixtape so far. I have a few other favorites right now. I'm happy that he brought it to our attention though, it has some insane lines and nicely introduces Applez.
I feel you EFFeX. My favorite songs are Priorities, 64 Bars Of Pain, and Chill N Vibe. The mixtape is incredible, it's helping me get through alot of shit right now. This song is still dope though, hopefully he makes more videos to promote the mixtape.

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