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Boss Board...
What's good y'all. I've been on here for awhile but I kinda just noticed this section, so I thought I would introduce myself and what I do.

I am a supporter of the best artists in hip hop, in particular the ones that deserve more recognition from the masses then they have gotten. Crooked I, obviously, is at the top of that long list of MC's that have been getting overlooked for years. Been a BIG fan of his for awhile now. Slaughterhouse gets a lot of love from me as well. Equally as big a fan of Slaughterhouse and every member in the group.

I specialize in putting together compilations of songs who artists put out that don't appear on any of their official mixtapes/albums. Mainly artists who are big on the mixtape scene. I have a number of compilations pending for release.

I currently have a J. Cole compilation out called "Light Up". Worth checking out if you're a fan of his. I also have some Crooked I stuff that maybe of some interest to people on here.

Hit me up Twitter or just hit me up on here if there's anything else you want to know about.
I have been looking for a mixtape that has all of J. Cole's tracks as the "Therapist". I used to have all of them but unfortunatly i lost them when my computer crashed. I think there are 16 or 17 and that would make a nice mixtape. Just an option. Keep up the good work though, that "Light Up" compilation was nice and it would be a great place for a new J. Cole fan to start getting non-mixtape tracks.
I actually have just what you're looking for. I have a J. Cole compilation of his older tracks, all the Therapist tracks, that I'm sitting on until his album drops at least. Got a lot of stuff that people should enjoy that I will put out eventually I hope, lol.
Sweet, i'll definetly be checkin' for that whenever you choose to drop it. I dont know if your a Chamillionaire fan but he has alot of guest features on songs that i've never heard and a nice compilation of all of his featured tracks would be real cool. Just another idea to consider. That J. Cole mixtape sounds cool though, alot of his fans are just fans of his Friday Night Lights work so they need to be educated on his older stuff.

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