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Favourite Shoe Gang one liners
There's so many but "we only make figures like Clay, where the cash is(Cassius)" has gotta be one of my favourites.

Obviously they're capable and have spat so much better than bars but this is definitely one of the sickest I've heard, that coming out of the mouth of a household name would've earnt them serious props.
i come from cement not semen, the streets birthed me
and this isnt a one liner but still :

I eat sleep and drink murder, im drunk of that redrum,
I speak Murder, serve you in a dead tounge,
I Ink murder, murk verbiages  bled from the pen,
This is lyrical sin,
Being read from,
the rap bible, spitting flameable writtens,
dismantle your mandable, misshandle my dictions
spitting liquid adamanetium, this man just sits back and envisions,
sick plots, sick plans for instance;
Im planting forensics,
evidence in your residents,
link his as to a massacre and land him in prison,
Hitler and tony montana you mix them,
you get him,
Mr scar-ate-of-his-face,
Its hannableizzle,
La familia cob,
we really the mob,
cop killing villinous squad,
willing to rob,
the glock dealer getting them rods,
Im armed religiously like and indian god.
"You got more stories than a skyscraper by the way I call them tall tales"
"I'm a rapper slash poet call me Will.I.Am Shakespeare"
"Click of tyrants you can call us the new west now,we a virus you can call us the new west nile"
"I pack time machine guns they flatline your team like hands at nine-fifteen"

"Check the records I buried MCs in the deserts of Egypt, and built pyramids over their skeletons usin telekinesis"
(06-16-2011, 06:08 PM)highlandp323 link Wrote:"You got more stories than a skyscraper by the way I call them tall tales"
What's that one from, I don't recognise it at all Undecided

Also, "When I shoot I won't miss you but your family will" and "You could be 8 foot tall but yo'll be six feet when I'm done with you" - Both Siegal from the same verse, damn, we could be here all day talking about one liners!
"I hit ya hard as vehiclar manslaughter,
so far in the future that I'm dickin your grand dauther"

"You say you sick, come see me, the rhyme doctor’s waiting
My occupation is to off my patients, its not augmentation
When I put somethin in your chest, yep, tools fucking you up like a botched operation"

"Ahead of my time with rhyming, you dudes are behind a year
the Mayans were lying cuz I'm the future and I am here
I'm the year, 2020, you viewing me bright and clear
I'm only a sterotype because I'm a pioneer"
(06-17-2011, 10:10 AM)Coppin Overpriced Bottles link Wrote:[quote author=highlandp323 link=topic=6126.msg290746#msg290746 date=1308262086]
"You got more stories than a skyscraper by the way I call them tall tales"
What's that one from, I don't recognise it at all Undecided

Its from the Planet COB vol.2 freestyle D.Capone says it but crooked I rlly rips thru it in the end
I got some many different styles, listen to how i pause and i switch it
ya spouse, my dicks in her mouth, shes callin it Richard

so many thieves in Southern Cali, Ima Ali Baba
like Sinatra, he rocks the crowd and he a mobsta

My hot spit, will put u in a hospital
im not hospitable, im hostile, ill chop u and ill spit at u

wit straps that clap like the ass on a thick stripper

and that Mycrophone Murder when he started spittin in Hebrew or some shit...insanity


Nigga this is headphone music
this aint a dance song, but if i shot at ya shoes, ya legs gonna move bitch

on tha beat u get ate, i dont mean Ochochin


like friday we come finish the weak

treat u like the heir to my enterprise, ill give ya the business prick


"Now it never fails / im flippin quarter pieces
and it doesnt really matter if I get heads or tails"

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