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Let's Do That Lyrics (Prod. Take F. Light)
Let’s Do That Lyrics

[Dice Dinero]
Horseshoe GANG! Take F. Light!

[Dice Dinero-Julius Luciano]
Yall really wanna rap with us (Lets’ do that!)
Yall really wanna clash with us (Lets’ do that!)
Yall niggas too wack for us (Lets’ do that!)
Ya keep acting up, we’ll let the ratchet buss (Lets’ do that!)
Yall really wanna beef with us (Lets’ do that!)
With a war on beats with us (Lets’ do that!)
Yall wanna take it to the street with us (Lets’ do that!)
Ya’ll too weak for us, you can’t compete with us (Lets’ do that!)

[Kenny Siegal]
I’ll hit anybody on the shotty if they short with my change
Put a bitch on my arm like Im courtin a dame
Take that bitch out, lay that bitch out
Make that bitch shout, I aint talkin bout porkin a dame
Niggas is trippin off the whips that we dip in
Homie its only fittin that theres horse in the range
You niggas must be kiddin me, you never could get rid of me
You niggas in this industry should forfeit the game
Im sicker than the rest of em
Even iller than who you consider the best of em
He talk shit, put the shotty to the chest of him
His fam cant identify you from whats left of him
Question um, who’s iller than me?
(No one –hoes run) when Kenny enter scene
(Show guns – hold guns) I keep the semi with me
(Blow one) and put you motherfuckin niggas to sleep

[Demetrius Capone]
This aint Facebook, but I put your motherfuckin thoughts on your wall
Type of nigga to walk before he crawl
Im ahead of you niggas when Im grippin the trigger
Even the cops wanna call a cop, nigga the law finna fall
Im tryna find a way to pause time
Rewind and find the dopest rappers of all time
So can maul all of yall in yall prime
Explodin, off the wall like wall mines
Yeah, I spit it fast or slow, spit sicker than a cancer throat
Murder your ass with a rap I wrote on the back of a ransom note
Carry a hatchet and a ratchet yo
That’s it, bottom line Im the Columbine with a glock
You get sodomized and lobotomized when it pop
When my squad arrives we colonizin your block
The type a nigga to piss on your shrine nigga watch

[Julius Luciano]
I don’t get give a dam about your street credibility
You better have He-Man ability, you’ll be dead
When the heat bleed lead, finna be in six inch deep
Catch a nigga slippin like a street teller slippery
Im tryna seek some felicity, peep some serenity
But my enemies keep wakin the sleepin beast
They finna be deceased, I’ll make the beefin ceased
Wait I just received an epiphany
Y’all don’t wana battle cuz you afraid right
You don’t wana jump on stage, you got stage fright
You rather get into a cage fight with an ape I’m
A great white shark, you're barkin but yall cant bite
The heat light up, you stop brake light strike
Like a thief in the late night but I aint Christ
Im C4 mixed with a G4
Exposed to your flock, get back – Im finna Take F. Light!!

[Hook x2]

great job Take F. Light
im drunk as shit right now so ill come back sober with more corrections but as of now "cancer throat"

"type a nigga to piss on your shrine nigga watch
You stop,BRAKE LIGHTS....and  Im great white,yall barking but yall cant bite are the 2 I caught
yesss thanks guys


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