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All Day
[hook - julius luciano]

im slanted in my seat off balance in a g ride
smashin through the streets god damnit ima g
and im dippin all day

my hand up on my heat i blam it when i see cops
smashin through the east side why they mad at me
i be dippin all day

[demetrius capone]

let me borrow this from hizzov h to the izzo
r-s-e-s-h to the izzo e to the gizzang we finna
get paid fa shizzle my nizzle we be runnin
southern ca uh uh la to the the bk throwback
or not its dodger all deezay fuck the cops i cross
em like jesus twist ya wig backwards off with ya
pay too im sick of the pigs i guess i got the swine flu
no dodger fitted i still get my mind blew she blew me
again she said let me remind you for free i pay her no
mind too im in the club and im workin on ya queen got
her twerkin got her jerkin got her berzerkin in them jeans
it reminds you of 'the ring' when we burstin on the scene
it kill niggas when they see the circle on the screen


[kenny siegel]

i walk around mean muggin like i aint pleased its just
my thoughts so cold they give me a brain freeze chicks
love my jewels they on the ice like they skis and listen
nigga my triggas my fingas main squeeze they go
togetha like they go togetha they roll togetha my
tool and fuse blow togetha my pants and tolerance
for bullshit is low as eva in any hood ?im strollin? hearts
pacin slow as ever he is i and i am you know it him
slim with the tilted and lowest brim ho its ken and if
you aint from cob fuck you no offense like yall locked
out yall incapable of goin in dont have me clap a gun
ya dome split quick as me after i tap ya hun im sharp
like shannon young siegel swaggers unmatched im
fly like time when ya havin fun nuff game to bag a nun


[dice dinero]

you niggas square as a cubicle sweeter than juicy
fruit i wake up and get fresh you probably try to
get beautiful you probably polish ya cuticles i'll get
brolic and shoot at you put you in a hole and not
inside of a hoola hoop you the hold hands slow
dance type im the ?stroll man? poke tramps then
go scram type somebody get these niggas some
viagra they havin problems with bein hard like
they the old man type please point out the faggot
thats flappin his damn trap and me and my clique'll
jump on him like a bandwagon im spazmatic god
damnit im swagmatic dolce pants packin a black
ratchet a clap addict i'll aim for ya dome and clap
at it i clap addicts a fiend for the cabbage for
mathematics i brrap matics i bust nine times to
take these wussies life you cats gotta have nine
lives cuz yall the pussy type


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