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Brand New
Brand New Lyrics

[Dice Dinero]
This is…
D to the I, C to the E
C to the dot O dot to the B
Im all up in my ride chrome ridin wit me
Im talkin about on my side and not on my feet
But you noticed you just chromed me
Homie, roll and goin slowly, while Naomi’s blowin on me
You think you gona show me chromie
Homie, my doe is long and these stones are frozen on me
I take any fellas honey, cuz you niggas hella bummy
My swaggas betta sunny so im mackin betta honeys
These fellas nutty plus, hella gully, callin hella money
Got you dummies melancholy cuz ya melons funny
The shit my clique’s on is brand new
My hoes are brand new, my clothes are brand new
Nigga im sick, nobody as cold as Andrew
Im thinkin about makin my alias the damn flu

[Julius Luciano]
I heard everybody’s talking, and the topic’s us
Who else you gon get, the top pick’s us
We the top pick, cuz we the hottest
My big bruh, told me to grind and not give up
Follow me, when I hit clubs
First thing a nigga be thinkin about is how im gona get my dick sucked
Girl lets get it understood, I can introduce you to womanhood
Im a walking bahmitzfah
Now it never fails, Im flippin quarter pieces
And it doesn’t really matter if I get head or tails
Chick you should just let me nail
Getting brains from dames is just what getting big bread entails
Now hold up a bit, I roll up, low cuts
Low strut, white bro cup?? and dickies
You rap wack, you don’t wana go up against me
There’s no fuckin wit, so theres no fuckin wit me

[Demetrius Capone-Hook]
We brand newing it, yep we brand newing it
We know what to do with it, yep we brand newing it
(Aye!) We brand newing it, yep we brand newing it
We do it til we new it, yep we brand newing it
Brand new when Im coming to get that change
Brand new when Im coming to get your dame
Brand new when Im talking that new slang
Holla a Shoe Gang, uh-huh-uh-huh-uh-aye

[Demetrius Capone]
It’s the D-E, M-E, T-R, I
U-S, you just laid down right
Laid down and ride
I got a brand new position for these women lets see if they down to try
Ayee- I brand new, yep Im brand newing it
That mean im do it but im not doing it again
Im doin it, and i ruin it for them
I did it first im brand newing it again
Yeah, we comin to give it to yall crew
My nigga Im on a mission to cross you
Give me the semi and mini machine gun
I run my city and break plenty of laws
Cuz im really a boss too
Im tryna ménage(Minaj) like Nicki with yall two
Get you in your Vicky’s, get you sticky then lick it up off you
But being so Diddy will cost you
Ill take back those brand new titties I bought you

[Kenny Siegel]
Aint nobody fresh as me as soon as I hit the scene now
These niggas cant forget it as if they senile
These yellow niggas getting blue cuz we getting green
So they getting green now, be pal see foul
As basketball penalties, baddest broads feeling me
As I walkin in these, bastards all grillin me
Cash we talk plenty, we have to floss silly
These cats is bosses and we flash so call can really
See (yeah) that I straight pimp, make chicks
Hit me with some chips like im gambling in Vegas
Then hit me with a whip as if like some kinda dominatrix
Im sick, got niggas hopin to god that im contagious
But you niggas cant even catch my cold
Live from the special flow, they next to froze
Honest they next to coke, they extra dope
In fact we next to crack, meanin we next to blow

[Demetrius Capone – Hook]

post any corrections and stuff thanks
nigga im sick, no ones as cold as Andrew

im sick, got niggas hopin to god that im contagious
thanks, and Dice's flow/bars have stepped up alot in the last few tracks, he mightve had the better verse on this one imo
ive always thought Dice was raw and had sick punchlines and flow but i will agree wit u...hes steppin it up but u got to wit brothers like that

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