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Word is shirts should be up for sale friday i read it on circleofbosses updates on facebook so hopefully its true cant wait to get some of those shirts!
Fuck them shirts I want that instrumental that they play on the site.

Hope Crooked has a song to it or some shit would be dope.
2 new shirts are available on the website. i am really liking the rip fallen soldiers one. COBez
So a day after it said it shipped i got the 3 shirts i ordered in the mail and i have to say they are amazing. I ended up going with the "Trust None" the "COB World Order" and the legends Shirt and they are the perfect size a large is a large the fit is perfect and im medium build, quality seems on point too but ill find out after a few washes.

All in all im very happy only took about a week to get them and they go perfect with my new COB tattoo. So i encourage people to buy from

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