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What's the point of MTV's Video Music Awards?
I was thinking about it today... Since the original channel (not including premium stations) doesn't have a single show that plays music videos anymore, is there even a point to the Video Music Awards anymore?

I guess they play videos on MTV 2? I used to catch Sucker Free on there until Cox Communications in my area made it a premium channel. I know MTV has other channels that only play videos, but let's look at this realistically. On regular cable MTV does not play music videos. So that knocks out a whole demographic.

So my point is, should they even continue these awards considering half the market doesn't even get to see them?

The music video really is a dying art form, unless you count straight to the web, which honestly really isn't the same.

It's sad to say, but remember when MTV played more music than BET... The role is totally reversed now. The Deal and 106 And Park are always on repeat on BET so your bound to catch SOMETHING even if the music sucks.

What do you guys think about this?
good post!
I remember a lil bit Yo! mtv raps
then mtv Jams with Bill Bellamy
and on BET rap city with Joe and Big Lez
then Trigger.

BUt Now Both channels SUCK! they both dont show
videos only once in a while. now you have to order
and pay money for MTV jams.

aren't both channels now owned by the same network?

the Spanglish Channel Mun2 is coming up they play lots of
videos all kinds from Mexican rancheras, reggaeton, pop and hip hop

haha mun2 plays more oldschool vids than the other mtvs combined ive seen tons of 2pac vids and meth and red get some pretty good play in the last couple of months.

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