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Ad-vice - "Crucial Elements" (Download)
[Image: advice_crucial_elements.jpg]

As many of you know, Ad-vice has been promoting his album "Crucial Elements". Ad-vice recently posted a link to the album on his Twitter account that you can download and check out -

Track List

1. Bars Deluxe feat. Nucclehead
2. Do Dirt, Stay Clean feat. Kare-Lezz
3. Looking 4 Da Best feat. Nucclehead
4. Where I'm From feat. Kare-Lezz
5. Money Keeps Chasing Me feat. Nucclehead
6. Ghetto New$ Flash feat. Queen Dita
7. I'm Eatin feat. Bliss
8. Tell Her Nothin' feat. Nucclehead
9. Kick Down Da Do'
10. On My Level feat. Showkase
11. Check Ya Rearview
12. Coast To Coast feat. Virgil Kent
13. Cut It Out feat. Nucclehead


If you like the album, please make sure to show support by picking up a copy -

Will check it out and post some feedback here. Thanks for sharing EFFeX.
Advice is the man,  ima deff buy a copy of this to support dude, would rather support someone who deserves it instead of putting money in a dickhead like lil waynes pocket

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