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2 Pac feat. One-2 - "My Mind"
new One-2 and Pac track of the new September 7th Pac Mixtape.... shits dope if ya ask me...

--- --- ---


Quote:Recently it was announced that DJ September 7th has planned to release a brand new mixtape celebrating the late Tupac Shakur's life. Interestingly enough, the project features several appearances by some very familiar names.

On the brand new 2 Pac Eternal Legend mixtape, DJ September 7th has recruited several notable artists to contribute to the project. Our readers will be excited to know that these artists include Crooked I, One-2 and K-Young. Furthermore, the project showcases production by Treacherous Record's in-house producer Komplex. The mixtape is scheduled to be released tonight and an exclusive record has been leaked to build anticipation. The Komplex produced record My Mind, which features an appearance by One-2, is now available for download and we encourage fans to check it out by using our music player.

DJ September 7th is urging supporters to donate one dollar to the Tupac Amaru Shakur foundation. If there is enough support, the DJ is promising to release an untagged version of the Eternal Legend mixtape.
I can't lie, this is a pretty nice track. I wish it was longer, maybe 2 verses each but still a real nice track. The beat reminds me of something Pac would have rapped on, i believe Komplex produced it so props to him.
Yeah, Komplex produced this joint.

Definitely a good look for One-2 and Treacherous Records as a whole to have them involved in this mixtape.

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